• High-speed milling
  • grinding
  • electro-erosion
  • cutting of steel

The latest generation machine tools allow, thanks to the maximum precision and reliability, the realisation of multi-finger moulds, hot chambers, multiple injection points and bio-components.

High-speed milling, grinding, electro-erosion, cutting of steel … everything is aimed at creating the precision of the mould itself.

The final stages of the entire production process are the assembly and finishing of the mould. The consolidated mastery of highly qualified personnel, the precise diamond polishing operations, finishes, adaptations, optimal management of sliding, play and tolerances allows us to obtain a result of the highest quality and durability.

Reliable, Efficient and Productive

A mould has to be reliable, efficient and productive and must meet the precise design and construction criteria set by the client. At STATMEC we understand this process and produce excellent results.

The STATMEC Technical Office

The STATMEC Technical Office, thanks to continuous training of our technicians and the sophisticated CAD CAM software systems we use, processes the product through the various development phases, based on the data provided by the client.

STATMEC is thus able to create prototypes after which it is possible to verify and refine the exact technical, mechanical and aesthetic characteristics of the pieces requested by the client.


The moulding department, thanks to our consolidated experience and internal organization, allows for rapid and on time delivery with every order.

With a view to total quality, the press department, which operates in various sectors (electrical engineering, electro-mechanics, household appliances, housewares …), can count on a fleet of high-tech machines of various tonnages, thus offering the best quality and price.

The guarantee of the precision of products over time, the meticulous maintenance of the moulds and the reliability of the materials used and the accurate control of the finished product are an indispensable prerogative of STATMEC.

Plastic objects that abound in homes, in offices, those that we usually have close in our daily lives, even if they often go unnoticed, serve, without any doubt, to improve the quality of our lives.

Here at STATMEC we work towards creating products that improve the quality of life.


Our clients come from a wide range of indistries:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Agriculture
  • Computer industry
  • Energy industry
  • Automotive


The success of STATMEC comes from our passion and commitment to update qualitatively and technologically our production systems. This continuous investment in new technologies and the experience gained working with companies from all over the world who are leaders in their sectors, allows STATMEC to produce the highest levels in terms of quality, reliability, time and costs.

Put us to the test and you will not be disappointed because at STATMEC WE REALISE VERY AMBITIOUS PROJECTS.