Mould Construction

For over 30 years Statmec has been building injection moulds for plastic materials. The latest generation machine tools allow, thanks to the maximum precision and reliability, the realisation of multi-finger moulds, hot chambers, multiple injection points and bi-components.


One of our distinctive traits is the high precision in the processing of steel surfaces, so as to obtain articulated executions with very low tollerances.


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The final stages of mould construction where the various components that constitute the finished product are assembled.


Type of polishing Area of applicationRoughness μm
1 Tela 100/150 Technical polishing of punches or internal detailsRA 0.69 / RZ 4.62
Tela 240Technical polishing parts of large extractions or photo-etchingsRA 0.39 / RZ 3.40
Tela 400Polishing of matrices and punches for medium engravings or die- castingRA 0.23 / RZ 2.28
Tela 600Polishing for printed objects to be painted or for fine photogravuresRA 0.21 / RZ 1.22
Tela 800/1200Polishing by mold test before mirror finishing or for chromed piecesRA 0.18 / RZ 1.15
Tela 800 brillantatura 6 μmBrighteningRA 0.06 / RZ 0.34
Diamante 3 μmMirror polishing for colored piecesRA 0.03 / RZ 0.12
Diamante 1 μmMirror polishing for transparent colored piecesNon riscontrabile


Two work station 5 axes
Two work station 3 axes
Work Station high speed 30000 ride
Dimensions Control Center
Electrical discharge wire
Two electrical discharge dipping
Welding machine laser
Radial drill
Lathe 250x1000